Chris Nerdal


What’s in this for you?

When you go into a store to buy a drill, you do not really want a drill, you want a hole.

When you visit this site, you probably don’t care so much about who I am, you want to be educated and get answers.

Therefore this site. Here is an overview:

  • Knowledge 95%
  • Lowering stress 50%
  • Digital insight 80%
  • New ideas 90%
  • Expert advice 75%
Chris Nerdal

Chris Nerdal


Idealist, skilled, insightful and profound. Likes to learn. (Love dogs 🙂

Fun facts

I have 3 daughters, all born in September

I have visited 120 cities

I read several books at the same time

Personality Type INFJ-A (introvert)

My email inbox is mostly empty

I never managed to start with snuff

I have 200 unique passwords

I own a smokehouse

And 34 chickens…

Is the number of notes, tips and observations I'd like to share with you

Of these are tagged as #mistake...