Nexus what?

Yes, I know. Just another social network.

But, the reason for me to write this article is something more than just another description of a social network. It doesn’t appear to be a stunt from a company trying to make a profit on my private internet activity. And the promises for keeping my privacy protected is for me a very welcome feature.

Here’s the shortlist:

  1. Nexus offers a well-designed platform with many exciting features coming soon
  2. Nexus offers full control of your privacy
  3. They will offer TOR and VPN for extra security and encryption of your traffic
  4. You can choose your grade of public visibility
  5. You can connect with private groups and keep your conversations off the grid
  6. Nexus offers a marketplace where you can buy and sell with social coins
  7. You can make ads and pay with the cryptocurrency social coins (SCL)
  8. Nexus plan to decentralize and encrypt their storage
  9. You can create events
  10. With the wallet, you can keep track of your social coins. Future plans include a debit card.

So, why join Nexus?

For me, it was an obvious choice. Nexus offers the privacy settings I want, and they make it user-friendly to adjust. They give me the freedom to choose, and they do it user friendly.

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They have a currency called social coins or just social (SCL). They have a maximum supply (hard cap) of 50,000,000 SCL. The ico (initial coin offering) is built on Ethereum. This is a new way for startups to raise money, and in this case, they do it quite well. Nexus have raised nearly $3 000 000 the first week of the ico. The company and the team have bought 5% of the total amount of SCL issued. Their business model is a 3% fee for every marketplace purchases, making it a transparent model but also a smart move if there will be enough activity.

There is always risk involved when buying or selling ico. For people willing to take the risk, this is, of course, exciting times. Let’s just hope that the bubble won’t burst.

For everyone else, Nexus is a free platform who keep your ass off the grid. If you don’t agree with the way Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other large social platforms gather information and use it, you do have Nexus as an alternative.